Strangers by Paul Finch

Strangers by Paul Finch

Originally published: June 2016

Author: Paul Finch

Set in: Manchester, UK

Genre: Crime

Page count: 405

Reading dates: 10-15 January 2018

PC Lucy Clayburn goes undercover as a prostitute to try and uncover a female serial killer known as Jill the Ripper, who appears to lure men to their grisly deaths. It’s dangerous work.  She starts her assignment as a prostitute working on a layby, then after a tip off moves to work in a brothel as a cloakroom assistant.  She encounters plenty of the criminal Manchester based underworld, who are all pretty nasty characters.
This is a fast paced crime thriller. The writing was pretty average (as I think this sort of thing often is) but saying that there were a couple of times that I literally couldn’t put it down, as it got very exciting. There are plenty of shocking and grisly moments and it certainly opened my eyes to some of the criminal activates I’m sure go on that I have no idea about!
I didn’t really warm to Lucy as a character– she seemed to spend most of the book putting others in danger and ignoring orders and I’m sure in the real world she would no longer be working for the police.
I will probably read the next one in the series but probably not for a while. Thank you to Avon Books for sending me this.

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