The Fear by C L Taylor


The Fear by C L Taylor


Originally published: 22 March 2018

Author: C L Taylor

Set in: Malvern Hills

Genre:  Psychological Thriller

Page count: 394

Reading dates: 17-21 March 2018

Star Rating: 3.5/5

As a teenager, Lou Wandsworth’s life was pretty miserable – her dad was a bully, she was overweight and felt unattractive and had few friends. When her karate teacher Mike paid he attention, she soon fell for him and ran away to France with him – she thought he was the love of her life but she soon saw him for the person he really was, mean, dominant and violent. She managed to escape and was taken back to England while Mike went to prison.
Now 32, Lou returns to her home town on the death of her father. She has never been able to have a normal relationship with a man and keeps people at arms length. She decides to see what Mike is up to and soon finds out that he is now involved with another teenager, Chloe Meadows. Lou is determined to make sure Chloe doesn’t make the same mistakes she did and sets out to stop Mike repeating history anyway she can.
This is my first book by C L Taylor and it certainly won’t be the last. This book was very readable, and shows how a grown man is able to groom a teenage girl. Its gritty and shocking and a real page turner

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