The Book Legacy YA Subscription Box Review

Box contents – Death and Destruction


I was approached by Book Legacy to review one of their book subscription boxes. It arrived a couple of days ago and the theme was Death and Destruction.


The lady behind Book Legacy is Amelia and I asked her what inspired her to start a new book subscription service.

Last year I started getting subscription boxes like Fairyloot and Owlcrate. They are amazing and the things you get in them are always fantastic. However, they cost around £30 a month which is quite a lot. So, one day I was sat in my college class thinking of ways they could make them cheaper while still keeping good quality items in the boxes. That was when I decided to start my own shop that sells boxes that are cheaper then Fairyloot and Owlcrate.
The Book Legacy boxes are different from others because we have created a new type of box that is cheaper but you still receive the same standard of quality.
Each of our boxes contain: –
~ 1 new released book (no older than 2 months since publication)
~ 1 exclusive candle
~ 1 A5 print
~ 1 Bookmark
~ 1-2 Bookish items

The box I received was sturdy and well packaged and everything was wrapped nicely. I was impressed by the quantity and quality of the items.

First up (and what I was most excited to receive) is a Harry Potter inspired scarf from HippieSource. It is made from black shear material and each Harry Potter house is featured. I’m a big Harry Potter fan and I’m really impressed with the quality of it and intend to wear it lots!

Harry Potter Scarf (Hufflepuff section is featured)

There is also a book sleeve from BookBestiesUK featuring a galaxy print to compliment the book enclosed. My books are always getting bashed about on my commute to work so this is so useful.

Also for fans of Shadowhunters there is a little bag which would be great for make up or stationary and for fans of Shatter Me, there is a vinyl sticker, both from NovelGrounds

Book Sleeve, small bag & sticker

There are 2 bookmarks from A Novel Love. A Harry Potter themed bookmark in the shape of a chocolate frog and also a double sided bookmark.

Soap, Candle & Bookmarks

No book subscription box would be complete without a candle and included is a 1.5oz exclusive candle from Bookish Burns which is all sparkly and pretty and smells of Sandalwood, baby powder and Patchouli.


A lovely handmade soap from The Tsundoku Chronicles, named after the book which smells of lemon, orange, wildwoods and musk is also included.

The book featured is Starborn by Lucy Hounsom a young adult fantasy novel, the first in a trilogy. This arrived with a signed bookplate and a letter from Lucy Hounsom herself.

Starborn by Lucy Hounsom

The box I received would have cost £45 (but was a bumper box meant to cover 2 months) as Amelia was sitting her A-Levels while also running this business! She estimates the contents are worth around £85. She is planning to release monthly boxes, the cost being no more than £22 (unless it is a special edition box). As the boxes are sold on Etsy, there is no need to take out a subscription and you are able to pick and choose from boxes that appeal to you.

This is the first book subscription box I’ve received although I often look on in envy at the Instagram unboxings that my friends do!  Overall, I thought this was a good box with a good variety of merchandise. I’m not sure about the idea of subscription boxes for myself mainly because they often contain fantasy YA books which aren’t my sort of thing and for that reason I often don’t recognise some of the products or artwork that are included. Saying that, it’s great fun getting what is essentially a lucky dip through the post every month!

I know lots of people really enjoy subscription boxes and I’d recommend Amelia and her boxes as good value.

You can find Book Legacy on Instagram, Etsy, and on her blog

The Adult Fiction June box is available on Etsy

With thanks to Amelia for sending me a box to review!

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