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The Education of Ivy Edwards by Hannah Tovey

Originally published: 13 August 2020

Author: Hannah Tovey

Published by: Piatkus Books

Genre: Chick Lit

Length: 336 pages

Reading dates: 1-9 August 2020

I am trying to teach my mother that saying sorry is different to being sorry. The sort of lesson you might give to a three-year old, only this three-year-old is sixty-seven.

Adult life is hard, Send help.

Ivy Edwards is 31 and has just been dumped by her fiance right after sex because he thought she’d be in a better mood! Ivy is devastated, especially as they were in the midst of planning their wedding and this book is about her journey of recovery.

‘I don’t think I can see a future with you anymore.’⠀⠀

‘You were literally just inside me.’⠀⠀

‘I know how you like it in the mornings.’⠀⠀


‘I thought it would relax you.’⠀⠀


‘Ivy, I’m trying to be honest—’ ⠀⠀

‘Hang on, is that why you wouldn’t look at my face?’⠀

She has amazing friends in London who take her out, ply her with alcohol and drugs and encourage to have sex with new men. Her sister who is trying for a baby is loving and supportive, as his her Grandad who lives in Wales. Her mum is a bit of a nightmare but is ultimately kind hearted.

My heart broke for poor Ivy – she adored her finance and is so shocked to be dumped. She hits rock bottom, barely being able to function without being drunk and is at risk from loosing her job. Her descriptions of sex with the attractive yet annoying Rob are funny.

She is a great character – loyal to her friends and close to her family but she doesn’t get over the breakup with her head help high – she crashes and burns and she definitely has a self destructive streak. The story is ultimately about her recovery and I was cheering her on her way!

I loved Ivy’s family, especially her lovely Gramps. Getting over a breakup is hard but Ivy’s story is heart-breaking but ultimately uplifting as she discovers she is stronger than she thought.

For anyone going through their own breakup, there is a handy 10 step programme at the back which is actually really good! The key seems to be drinking lots of wine, going out and having sex!

Thanks so much to Beth from Little Brown for my gifted copy. I have a second copy of this to giveaway – head over to my Instagram for a chance to win!

About the author:

Hannah Tovey Copyright // Photography by Krishanthi 2019

Hannah Tovey is from South Wales, but grew up in Hong Kong. She graduated from Faber Academy in 2018, after completing the Writing a Novel course under tutor Richard Skinner, where she finished The Education of Ivy Edwards. Hannah lives in Bow, East London and is working on the sequel, out summer 2021.



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