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Baboon on the Moon by Claire Bates

Originally published: 30 October 2020

Author: Claire Bates

Published by: Austin Macauley

Genre: Children’s book

Length: 30 pages

Reading dates: 13 December 2020

Edgar St Neeze is a Baboon who is the star of this picture book. Edgar lives on the moon and he is determined to discover if the moon is indeed made from cheese and in this sweet rhyming book for young children, he searches and searches the moon to try and find the cheese he so longs to eat.

Baboon on the Moon is the perfect length to read with small children with short attention spans and I know from experience that any book that mentions a “big red bum” in the opening pages will have children giggling and engaged in the story.

The illustrations are bright and cheerful and each page has a short amount of rhyming text. Just the right length for a bedtime story or as part of an afternoon story session. I think books with animals as the central character are always going to be a hit and I think small children (ages 3-6) would love this book!

Many thanks to Claire for reaching out to me and to Austin Macauley for gifting me a copy of this book.

About the author:

Claire Bates

Claire lives in Buckinghamshire with her husband and two children. She has a love for reading and always had a dream of writing her own books. After having children, Claire began making up her own bedtime stories for them which they loved to listen to, and as they grew, her children said she should write them down. This was the inspiration she needed to finally pursue her dream of writing. When she can find a moment to herself, Claire loves to read, be in the garden or go for a run.


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