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Live Well Every Day by Dr Alex George

Originally published: 13 May 2021

Author: Dr Alex George

Published by: Aster

Genre: Self-help / Self-care

Length: 240 pages

Listening Dates: 9-17 May 2021

Dr Alex is on a mission to empower us to make our own health choices, take positive control and feel equipped and inspired to make those small changes today that energise and future-proof for life.

‘Health and happiness come from the cumulative effects of many small and positive daily changes to our lifestyle. It’s about building sustainable and healthy habits – taking small and purposeful steps to a healthy future. By the end of the book, I hope my readers have developed their own “bespoke health toolkit” to be used across every aspect of their lives, and to make long-lasting and meaningful change.

‘What you do consistently has a direct impact on your day-to-day health, your immune system, your mental health, your metabolism, your bone density, your heart health, your blood pressure, your energy levels and how you fight disease generally. Your lifestyle is often your body’s biggest support system and the more robust you can make that the more you can rely on it to get you through every day. Think of it like your life insurance policy.

Live Well Every Day addresses the very modern health challenges of today’s world – anxiety; social pressure and mental health; immune system health; how to be fit, flexible and eat well in a sedentary world; sexual health; gut health and more… Get the facts, pick your goals and take action with Dr Alex.

Small changes. Big results.

I read this as part of an Instagram readalong with Adventures with Words and a group of lovely bookstagrammers. I have to admit, I have never seen an episode of Love Island so had no clue who Dr Alex was.

I have never read a self care book before but having gone through a major upheaval in my life recently (divorce) and having gotten into some bad habits over lockdown, I thought it was the ideal opportunity! Divided into 7 chapters, we read one a day as part of the readalong.

  • Passion & Purpose looked at fulfilment in life and why it is important
  • A Healthy Mind looks at mental health detailing stress, anxiety, depression and the detrimental effect social media can sometimes have on our mental health
  • Nutrition looks at good nutrition, caffeine and the dangers of excessive alcohol intake
  • Fitness and Flexibility looks at why fitness is important and gives a really good no-excuse workout for those short on time or motivation
  • Recharge looks at sleep, why it is important and how to get into good sleep habits
  • Sex & Relationships talks about dating apps, sexually transmitted diseases and why relationships (not just romantic) are important
  • Taking Control of Your Health looks at health issues you can treat yourself and those that you should definitely get checked out

I think Live Well Every Day is generally aimed at the younger generation (I’m 47 and I’m not sure I am really the target audience). There also wasn’t anything in the book that I didn’t already know but what I did find useful was that it reminded me of things I could be doing. I have generally got lazier during lockdown and have fallen into bad eating and drinking habits so have put on weight. Inspired by this book, I have started walking to work now we are allowed back in the office again and try to move around more when I’m working from home. I am also trying to cut back on the bad food and alcohol, at least during the week!

I liked the way Dr Alex writes – he uses his own life examples which are always interesting to hear as well as his medical knowledge and isn’t at all preachy in his advice. A useful self care book if you feel you need some motivation and incentives to get back on track. Nicely presented with lots of photos, it is really accessible and easy to read.

Thank you to Octopus Books for my gifted copy and to Adventures with Words for inviting me on the readlong.

About the author:

Dr Alex George

Dr Alex George is an A&E & TV doctor. He has been working in A&E as an emergency doctor throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and has become a well-known and respected figure amongst healthcare professionals in the UK, bringing the nation accessible and reassuring advice directly from the frontline. Alex is on a mission to make mental health education compulsory in schools, and has become prolific throughout the UK in his campaigning with charities such as YoungMinds, Anna Freud Centre & Mind, with a goal to ensure mental health sits alongside the likes of Maths and English on the curriculum. Alex has now been appointed by the Prime Minister as Youth Mental Health Ambassador to the government. Alex is a resident presenter on ITV’s Lorraine, has presented for Watchdog and also appeared on Celebrity Masterchef. Alex is also a fully qualified Level 3 PT.


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