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Block Delete Move On: It’s Not You, It’s Them by LalalaLetMeExplain

Originally published: 10 February 2022

Author: LalalaLetMeExplain

Published by: Bantam Press

Genre: Non-Fiction

Length: 240 pages

Reading dates: 9-16 February 2022

Have you ever been on a disastrous date and vowed never to use apps again?

Are you blaming yourself for the things going wrong in your love life?

Do you always seem to become attached to people who treat you badly?

The sad truth is that when it comes to modern dating, there are a whole host of challenges and hurdles to overcome. From ghosting and negging to gaslighting and abuse, this book teaches you what to look out for, to make sure that you’re not accidentally dating men with toxic traits who secretly hate women, or who just want to have sex and run.

It will empower you to use your voice and walk away if you spot warning signs in relationships, by highlighting the red flags and the types of fuckboy that you might run into when dating, as well as the green flags and signs that indicate a healthy partnership.

This is not a dating book that promises to find you a person to love; instead, it will help you spot the troublesome ones before it is too late. It will help you to recognise that you possess spectacular buff ting energy and that it’s perfectly possible to be contentedly single.

Most importantly, this book will give you the power to BLOCK, DELETE and MOVE ON with living your best life.

A few years ago this book would have been of no interest to me. Married for many years, I was sure my years of dating were very much behind me. But on separating with my husband, I decided I’d like to meet someone new. I really wish I’d read this book before I joined Tinder! Dating again 25 years later is certainly a whole different ball game!

What I found really interesting was how to recognise the red (and pink) flags when talking to someone online – spotting the signs that indicate someone is only after sex (despite their protests) or that someone is married but pretending otherwise. It also gives you the encouragement to stand firm on your principles, to not put yourself in dangerous situations and to not agree to anything you don’t want to do. It also encourages you think about what you want in a relationship and why you want one.

Imagining myself reading this before I joined Tinder, I certainly wouldn’t have given my time to so many unsuitable men and I hopefully wouldn’t have taken their behaviour so personally. I was ghosted suddenly by one man after a couple of dates, I had dick pics sent me on more than one occasion;, I was asked to put myself in dangerous situations and I had someone constantly trying to have sexy chats with me which I really wasn’t enjoying. Instead of blocking these men, I accepted their behaviour and was too polite to just cut them off. Thankfully, I found myself the elusive “Decent Man” and despite the fact I hope to never have to date again, this book was a really interesting read and I plan to pass it on to at least one friend who has been through the ringer while dating!

A fabulous book for anyone maybe thinking of looking for a relationship or re-entering the dating world. Block Delete Move On is easy to read, had some interesting bits of psychology and some shocking statistics and was so, so useful! I’d have felt a lot better about myself if I’d read this before joining Tinder.

Many thanks to Anne Cater for inviting me on the tour and to Bantam Press for my copy. Check out what other reviewers are saying on their blogs below

About the author:

LalalaLetMeExplain is Instagram sensation – an anonymous sex, dating and relationships expert who has amassed a staggering 173k followers! A qualified social worker and dating & relationships educator, she left her 15-year career in the public sector in 2018 to bring her professional knowledge to social media. This is a smart, aware, provocative and engaging debut which empowers women to tackle the pitfalls of modern dating and helps them to successfully navigate unsatisfactory relationships with a man, and Lala’s personal experience and career as a trauma expert ensure she is uniquely positioned to write this book.


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