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Impossible by Sarah Lotz

Originally published: 17 March 2022

Author: Sarah Lotz

Published by: HarperCollins

Genre: Romance

Page count: 448

Reading dates: 10-14 March 2022

Meet Nick: Failed writer. Failed husband. Dog owner.

Meet Bee: Serial dater. Dress maker. Pringles enthusiast.

One day, their paths cross over a misdirected email. The connection is instant, electric. They feel like they’ve known each other all their lives.

Nick buys a new suit, gets on a train. Bee steps away from her desk, sets off to meet him under the clock at Euston station.

Think you know how the rest of the story goes? They did too . . .

But this is a story with more twists than most. This is Impossible.

When Nick accidentally sends a ranty email to the wrong email address he gets chatting to the recipient Bee. Nick is a failed writer, his marriage is on the rocks and the highlight of his day is walking his dog. Bee is a successful seam-mistress who repurposes wedding dresses and lives alone but dates lots. Straight away there is a connection between the two. When Nick’s wife admits to an affair and they split up, Nick and Bee admit they have feelings for each other and agree to meet under the clock tower at Euston Station. And that’s it! That’s absolutely all I can say about the plot as you have to read this book for yourself!

I absolutely loved this story! The spark between Bee and Nick is captured perfectly in their emails together and it took me back to the days when I met my partner in lockdown and all our communications were done by WhatsApp – I knew then he was the one for me before I even met him and Bee and Nick feel the same.

Told is alternating chapters from Nick and Bee’s viewpoint, interspersed with their emails, the most I will tell you is this story left me moved and a little bit bereft! Suspend disbelief and enjoy the ride!

Many thanks to HarperCollins for sending me both a proof copy.

About the author:

Sarah Lotz

Sarah Lotz is a novelist and screenwriter with a fondness for the macabre. She is the author of The Three, and lives in Cape Town with her family and other animals.

Website –

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