My name is Clair and I’m a book lovin’ technical librarian. I’ve loved reading all my life.  I’ve always read but when I discovered Bookstagram, my reading and book buying habits reached a new level!

I’m pretty old school, I rarely read ebooks, preferring an actual book any day of the week. I would say I like a wide mixture of books, and probably the only genre I don’t read much is sci-fi.  I prefer contemporary literature as opposed to the classics, and also enjoy reading young adult as some of the books out there are outstanding (I wish they’d been around when I was younger!)

I run a book club in my home town and we meet monthly at the local pub (usually between 5-10 of us). We take it in turns to choose a book to discuss and I’ve read and discovered some amazing authors and books.

I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for a while but wasn’t sure I’d have the time or have enough to say. But I read a fair few books so I’ll be posting book reviews at the very least.

Welcome to my blog!  I’d love to hear from you – I like talking and reading books and am always happy to receive recommendations.

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