Attachments by Rainbow Rowell

Attachments by Rainbow Rowell

Originally published: 2011

Author: Rainbow Rowell

Set in: Nebraska

Genre: Romance

Page count: 323

Reading dates: 30 January- 2 February 2018

Attachments is set in late 1999 and we meet Lincoln who is hired by a newspaper to be in charge of internet security. One of his jobs involves monitoring company email for certain words or overuse.
The emails between friends movie critic Beth and copy editor Jennifer are soon flagged up as they talk about babies, their relationships and weddings. He realises he should send them a warning but the girls seem so likeable in their emails, that he lets it slide and before long finds himself falling for Beth, a girl he has never even laid eyes on.
Its a great story, very quick and easy to read and I love that it is set in 1999, just as the workplace is getting internet and the email (I remember being one of the first in my company to have internet access from my desktop) and the references to Y2K and the panic it caused are great. This is the second book of Rainbow Rowell’s I have read (the first being Eleanor and Park) and I love that these YA books are set in the past.

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