Puddin’ by Julie Murphy


Puddin’ by Julie Murphy


Originally published: May 2018

Author: Julie Murphy

Set in: Texas

Genre: Kids/YA

Page count: 448

Reading dates: 12-16 May 2018

Star Rating: 4/5

Thank you HarperCollins (Balzer + Bray) for sending me this Advanced Readers Copy of Puddin’, the companion novel to Dumplin’.

This time we follow the story of two of the supporting characters from Dumplin’. We have Millie who is sweet, kind and fat (its OK to use that word). Millie has gone to fat camp every year for as long as she can remember but it never helps. This year, she wants to go to a journalism camp to help fulfil her ambition of becoming a newsreader but she knows her mum won’t want her to go.

We also have Callie, one of the popular girls who is on the dance team and is not particularly nice. When funding is pulled from the dance team by the local gym, Callie and the other team members trash the place in revenge. Millie (who works at the gym) recognises Callie, tells the authorities and gets Callie kicked off the team for good. As part of her punishment, Callie has to work off the gym to pay off the damages and the girls get to know each other, and surprise themselves by finding they have more in common than they thought possible.

Advertised as being suitable for ages 13+, it is well enough written that it appealed to me, despite being some 30 years older than the recommended reading age.



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